Come ride with us!

We meet at playgrounds, skate parks, bikes parks, BMX tracks, pump tracks, trails, and other locations.
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What started out as simply a way for two parents from California to build community for their toddler eventually grew into what is now known as Asante Cycles. After seeing how a balance bike was able to create the perfect little vehicle for liberation and empowerment for their (at the time) 9-month old, Asante — Adisa and Lauryn have been committed to spreading the bike love ever since. 


What Families are saying

"We love Lauryn and Adisa! We've been attending Bike Clinics since my son was a toddler." — Angel's mom, Casey

"Fantastic family experience! " — Riley's mom, Gina

"Best money I ever spent." — Jennifer's dad, Aaron

"Asante Cycles taught my 2-year-old how to ride a balance bike and now he's shredding everywhere! " — Michael's dad, George

"The curriculum is so comprehensive for ALL ages. We were was so impressed. We learned things that we never even considered and so did our kids, like the ABC Quick Check and how to properly fit our helmets. We'd been doing it wrong all along! Thank you, Adisa and Lauryn (and Asante!) for curating such a beautiful program for the community." — Sage, Raven, and Isla's parents, Grace and Rylan



A special thank you to our Partners who continue to invest in Asante Cycles and support our efforts to promote cycling as a vehicle for change that liberates and empowers families and builds healthy communities.

woombikes USA — "We want as many children as possible loving to ride their bike - that is our mission."

Xtracycle — "Our cargo bikes are without a doubt the most comfortable and easiest to ride."

Bern Helmets — "Being the original all season helmet brand, we are made up of people passionate about staying outdoors."

MonkeyLectric — "The first thing you notice when you ride around town with a Monkey Light is how many smiles you get."


Mixed-age Spaces

Mixed-age spaces are invaluable and are much more conducive to kids' learning than age-segregated play. Kids have far more to learn from playmates who differ from themselves in age and ability than from those who are at their same developmental level. Young kids learn from older ones even when they are not interacting with them. They learn just from watching and listening, acquiring not just information but also motivation. They want to do what those who are a little older than themselves are doing! Five-year-olds want to be like the seven and eight-year-olds they see around them and the seven and eight-year-olds want to be like the ten-year-olds, and so on. Mixed-age spaces also benefit older kids by allowing them the opportunity to practice nurturance and leadership. One of the best ways to truly master something is to teach it to another person! Older kids don’t have to be forced to play with younger kids or vice versa but must simply be given the opportunity to.



Interested in volunteering at one of our Bike Clinics, we'd love to have you. We encourage individuals from the community to come out and support our young people. Cheer them on, give out some high fives, ride bikes with them, etc. Nothing like seeing a bunch of toddlers who just learned to walk not too long ago riding bikes with no training wheels like it's no big deal. Come build community with us!



Currently, all of our programming is funded through fees and out-of-pocket by us. If you'd like to financially support our programming and the development of a scholarship program for families that need it, we accept check, cash, money order, and/or PayPal. Please make payments out to: "Asante Cycles". Contact us for our mailing address if you need that. We also accept donations of gently-used bike gear:  bikes, helmets, gloves, bike repair stands, tires, tubes, bike pumps, valve caps, bike locks, child seats, shop aprons, ramps, cones, skills features, bike maps, stickers, streamers, poggies, balaclavas, cycling caps, trainers, lights, bike racks, tools, panniers, handlebar bags, reflectors, bells, etc.